How to choose the perfect coffee mug?

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Posted on : December 15, 2019

Coffee is one of the favorite beverages in the world. In the morning at work, in the afternoon with a snack or during the night at home. No matter the time, the best way to seize your day is with a good coffee, especially if it comes within a beautiful mug. At Etsy we want all coffee lovers to enjoy a special cup, that’s why we love creating the best designs for you.

There are hundreds of sizes, models, designs and materials that you can find in our store, but the most important thing is that the cup you choose suits your tastes and needs. are you a selfie lover? A beautiful ceramic design can make your selfies the most eye-catching ones in your social networks or it definitely be the most envied by all of your friends.

A different mug for each type of coffee?
In Etsy we know that you don’t really need to have a different cup for each type of coffee,the most important thing is that you have the right one, with which you can enjoy the best flavors and preparations. If you feel like having a coffee, let’s see some of the best ones:

  1. Espresso Coffee (Solo Coffee)
  2. Coffee Ristretto
  3. Cafe macchiato (Cut coffee)
  4. American Coffee
  5. Long coffee (Cafe Lungo)
  6. Cafe Carajillo (Coffee with spirit drink)
  7. Coffee with milk
  8. Café bombom (Coffee with condensed milk)
  9. Cappuccino (Coffee with foam)
  10. Mocca (Coffee with chocolate)
  11. Irish Coffee (Coffee with Whisky and Cream)
  12. Viennese Coffee (Coffee with cream)
  13. Frappé (Coffee with ice or cold coffee)
  14. Azteca (Coffee with ice cream, usually chocolate)
  15. Cafe brule (Coffee with brandy and lemon)
  16. Caribbean Coffee (Coffee with rum, brown sugar and vanilla)
  17. Arab coffee (Coffee with spices, such as ground cardamom or cinnamon)
  18. Scottish Coffee (Coffee with whiskey, cold coffee and vanilla ice cream)
  19. Hawaiian Coffee (Café con leche de coco)
  20. Cafe Lágrima (Coffee with milk and foam)

What is the best material for coffee mugs?
There are many materials with which coffee mugs can be made.Nevertheless, it is really important to keep in mind that not all materials allow flavor and heat to linger without losing the essence or texture of coffee. Therefore, some of the most common materials for coffee mugs are glass, metal, plastic, paper, porcelain, silicone, wood and ceramics. Our favorites are ceramic mugs.

Ceramic is one of the materials preferred by coffee lovers, due to its great resistance to external influences, such as those given over time by their constant use. Its composition and properties allow the heat to be retained in the interior, while the exterior does not overheat. In addition, it is one of the most commonly used materials in the personalization of coffee mugs. It also has a texture that is really pleasant to the touch and to the eye.

Our ceramic mugs models are really diverse, thanks to the versatility of the material that makes it easy to customize them. We like adding phrases, photos or even brands. For example: In a company, one of the best ways to provide a pleasant attention to each customer or employee, is to offer a delicious coffee in a personalized mug with a phrase or image characterizes the company.

Are you ready to choose your coffee mug in Etsy? Log in now.

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